eCommerce Retailers,
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You've wasted time and money struggling to get your Google Shopping Ads to work for your online store

You've spent hours trying to fix errors and disapproved products but ended up getting nowhere fast

You figure it must be something you've done because everyone tells you how wonderful Google Shopping is!

You're Not Alone!

I've been where you are and I understand how it feels.  

Finding reliable information to help you run and grow your business is a challenge and finding the right course to help you understand Google Shopping is even harder.

Many retailers are forced to muddle through with Smart shopping and are left wondering why it's not working for them (assuming they can get past the hurdle of disapproved products of course...)


It can be a lonely life running an eCommerce store and you have to wear many hats.

I bet when you started you didn't realise quite how many skills you'd have to master to succeed right?

Things like...

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Product photography
  • Stock management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Copywriting

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • HR
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Not to mention the hours you spend packing parcels and dealing with customer service issues.


Well I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that!


A Place For eCommerce Retailers To Learn About Google Shopping
(and much, much more...)


Go from confused and frustrated to feeling confident about investing your hard earned cash in Google Shopping Ads

help & support

Stop going round in circles trying to find the answers - get easy access to the expert support you need

not just google shopping...

Learn from guest experts on topics such as finances, email marketing, SEO & mindset.

supportive community

You'll no longer feel as though you're the only one tackling the challenges of running an eCommerce store

As a member you'll get instant access to Get to Grips with Google Shopping, a comprehensive course on how to set up and run Google Shopping Ads.

Get to Grips with Google Shopping is a 10-module, step-by-step course designed to take you from feeling lost and confused about Google Shopping to being confident in setting up your product feed and campaigns.

What's more, it will also show you what you need to do to optimise your campaigns so they get even better results as time goes on.

Here are the 10 modules included in the course:

  1. Knowing Your Numbers & Setting Your Website Up For Success
  2. Intro to Paid Ads & Google Shopping
  3. Account Creation & Tracking Setup
  4. Creating Your Product Feed
  5. Optimising Your Product Feed
  6. Building Your Shopping Campaigns
  7. Reporting & Optimisation
  8. Remarketing
  9. Advanced Google Shopping Strategies (including Smart Shopping)
  10. Dynamic Search Ads & Brand Campaigns

Go from this...

  • Struggling with the constant battle of errors & disapprovals
  • Wasting time & money on Shopify's Smart Shopping
  • Feeling Google Shopping just isn't going to work for you!
  • Feeling as though you're the only one facing these challenges

To this!

  • Feeling confident you're setting things up the right way
  • Excited to see your first sales from Google Shopping!
  • Understanding how to optimise campaigns so you make money on your advertising budget
  • Knowing you're not alone, with a community of like-minded retailers ready to support you

But wait, It's Not Just A Course...

It's also a place for retailers just like you to come and feel heard and supported.

Think of it as your very own cheerleading team with the added benefit of having valuable content and training to help you continue to grow and learn (and build your business of course 😉)

Most importantly, it's affordable.

Come and join us to learn and network with like-minded people who are experiencing the same struggles as you.

A Few Comments About The Course

"The video tutorials and step by step guides through each screen - a godsend at every step for a complete novice.  It far surpassed our expectations - a 101 guide to Google Shopping for beginners who want to be able to not only implement shopping campaigns but understand and optimise them too!  "
Hannah Bullen
Hooded Owls
"I liked the way it built up knowledge week on week. The how to videos were so helpful as I could follow them step by step and also build confidence when my screens showed the same as the one on video. I loved the q & a sessions as felt part of something and that we were all in the same situation and asking relevant questions.  The building your campaign module was really strong and there were some brilliant tips..."
Caroline Usher
Pink Monkey Designs

As a Member You'll Get Access To All Of This...

📖 The Full Google Shopping Course

(including bonus modules)

10 in-depth modules covering everything you need to know to use Google Shopping to grow your sales, from knowing your numbers to optimising for success.  Includes worksheets, checklists and templates that I use for my private clients to mange their Google Ads accounts.

🙋 Live Q&A Calls

Come along and get your questions answered live on Zoom. We can even dive into your Google Ads account on the call to troubleshoot and fix if needed.

🎓 Monthly Workshops & Masterclasses

Monthly classes and masterclasses, presented either by myself or a guest expert. There'll be a wide range of topics relevant for anyone in business from email marketing to money mindset and more...

🔧 Feed Troubleshooting

Having trouble with Google Merchant Center? Getting errors you can't fix? Jump on the feed troubleshooting call and we can take a look and help you out.

💡 Hot Seats

Have a business problem or challenge? Book yourself onto a hot seat call and get to present it to the group and get valuable advice and feedback in a structured and helpful way.

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Private Community

Nothing beats being part of a group of people who understand exactly how hard it is to run your own business. Everyone's there to support and cheer each other on.

📰 Ongoing Updates

We all know how Google love to change things up so I'll be keeping you up to date with all the important changes.  The course will be constantly updated too to reflect any major changes in the Google Ads platform so you never have to worry about being left behind!

Here's what students are saying about Get to Grips with Google Shopping

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  • Hot Seats & Feed Troubleshooting Calls
  • Private FB Community
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About Me

I first used Google Ads back in 2004 when I started my own eCommerce business.  Little did I know where it would lead me!

I now manage ads for private clients ranging from Industrial Flooring specialists to haircare retailers.  But my passion is still eCommerce.  It never ceases to amaze me what kind of results you can get from a well set up Google Shopping campaign.

But for many smaller businesses the option to outsource your Google Ads is prohibitively expensive.  That's why I've created this course and membership: to help eCommerce retailers harness the immense power of Google Shopping in their own business and also find support and encouragement to help them on their way to success.

 I can't wait for you to join me 🙂

Sara x