Looking For More Customers & Sales?

Can Google Shopping Be The Answer?

Google Shopping doesn't work for everyone! 
So how do you know you're not going to be one of the unforunate ones??
This very short assessment asks the RIGHT questions that'll make sure you're one of the businesses for whom Google Shopping has a great chance of success.

What Is Google Shopping?

Whenever we enter product related keyords into a Google search we get served Google Shopping Ads.

As you can see from the screenshot below, these are highly engaging, eye-catching, and show all the essential product information your potential customers need to know.  When your product matches with a search you have the opportunity to showcase your wares to people ready and willing to buy!  

That's why they're so powerful

Does Google Shopping Work For Everyone?


I'd be lying if I said Google Shopping is a magic pill and will work for everyone because that simply isn't true.

BUT we can guage pretty well whether it'll work by looking a little more closely at a retailer's business, and asking a few pertinent questions, and that's what this short quiz will tell you...