Google Shopping Quick Start

Shopify store owners, get past the confusion, errors and warnings and get your Google Shopping Ads set up in no time at all!

Is This You?

  • You don't understand Google Shopping, or how to get started
  • You don't have time to commit to a 10 week course to learn about it
  • You've tried setting it up but can't get past all the errors in Shopify
  • You're running Smart campaigns in Shopify but they're not working
  • You're not in the position to hire a professional to run ads for you
  • You want to give it a go to see if it works (without having to go through hours and hours of video tutorials that make your brain hurt)
  • You just feel stuck...

Well, I've got something to help you!

Google Shopping Quick Start is designed specifically for Shopify store owners who want to get started with Google Shopping FAST!

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Get the Google Channel App set up PROPERLY
  2. Link up your Ads account the RIGHT way
  3. Get past the product warnings and errors it's giving you in the App
  4. Build a well structured Shopping Ad campaign (to start making sales!)
  5. Understand whether it's working and what to do to improve it

What's the format?

This is a self-study course comprising:
- Video lessons
- Text lessons
- Private community to ask questions
(Lifetime access)

Why Listen To Me?

  • I've been running Google Ads since 2006
  • I've managed £000k's of Shopping Campaigns for clients
  • Shopping campaigns I run for clients get 6X and 7X returns, sometimes more!
  • I'm passionate about helping small independent retailers unlock the power of Google Shopping
  • I just love Google Shopping because when it's done right it's amazing!