Get More Sales with Google Shopping

9/10 people will go to Google to search when they're shopping online.
Being able to put your products in front of those people when they're actively searching for them can be a real game changer for your business, and Google Shopping allows you to do that!

But when it comes to Google Shopping, are these the thoughts that run through your head?

  • It's too complicated
  • I don't understand it
  • It's expensive
  • It'll take too long to learn


As a Shopify store owner you’re busy wearing many hats in your business:

You're the social media manager, the order packer, the bookkeeper (ugh), the customer service manager, the web designer, the email marketer, maybe even the FB Ads manager too 🤯

So the thought of learning how to set up your own Google Shopping Ads might make you want you run away and hide in a darkened room 😫

Or you may be someone who sees it as a challenge and wants to get stuck right in.

Either way, what if I told you that after watching 2 hrs 11 mins of videos, you'd know how to set up your own Google Shopping campaign?

(AND understand whether it's working, and what to do if it's not)

That's exactly what Google Shopping Quick Start does!

 It's an online course designed specifically for Shopify store owners who want to learn how to set up Google Shopping.  FAST.
Here's what it covers:

  • How to get the tech stuff done the easy (and quick) way (Ad account, Merchant account, product feed...🤯)
  • How to get it hooked up with Shopify
  • How to optimise your product information to work better on Google Shopping
  • What to do when you see warnings and errors (hint: don't panic 😉)
  • How to build your Google Shopping campaign (and start making sales!)
  • How to know if it's working (and what to do if it's not)

 "Google was a always high on my list of marketing tools to grow my small business but felt overwhelmed by the YouTube videos I’d watched. I purchased Sara’s quick start guide as it felt more manageable and the best way to move forward what seemed like a mammoth task. It took less than a day to get everything up and running and I can’t recommend it enough for easy to follow instruction with no waffle or padding which I’ve found with other online courses. It’s a step by step guide, no jargon and the best investment for my business! I was so impressed I joined Sara's membership and so pleased I did.

Fiona Murray
Owner, Twilight London

 "I was looking for someone to help me get my head around Google Ads. Sara really knows her stuff, and she knows how to teach it. The trainings are thorough and easy to follow.

Sarah McKenna
Sarah McKenna Ceramics

Here's why it's great for you...

Not only will Google Shopping Quick Start cut through all the mumbo jumbo you usually get with Google Ads courses, it'll show you how to get your Ads up and running in the shortest possible time.

(And as I've already mentioned, you probably don't have a lot of that to spare 😉 )

I break each lesson down into easily digestible chunks, with step by step easy-to-follow instructions to walk you through each step of the process.

And the really great news is that you can start ads with as little as £5/day and still see results.

I've been managing Google Shopping since 2015 and teaching it since 2021, so I know exactly where people get stuck.  

This course will get you un-stuck.

It's great value for money!

What are the options if you want to learn Google Shopping?

You can find everything you need on YouTube for free, but how many hours of video would you have to watch before you find what you need?

You could buy my flagship course, Get to Grips with Google Shopping.  This goes into much greater depth, and covers some much more advanced strategies, but also takes a LOT longer to work through.  It also costs £600.  The basics of getting started are all covered in the Quick Start programme.

You could hire me to set this up and manage it for you but that would be at least £660 per month.

This course shows you what to do for just £96

 "I have really enjoyed Sara's course, it's well laid out, easy to follow, and straightforward to understand.  Thank you Sara." 

Nicole Di Maio
South West Workshop Supplies


When you enrol in Google Shopping Quick Start you'll also get access to:

Free Facebook Support Group
(worth at least £197/month)
Have questions?  Post them in this private support group and I'll answer them for you.  It's also an opportunity to get to know your fellow students, share your experiences and cheer each other on.

The Complete Guide to Performance Max 
(worth £96)
If you decide you want to run Google's fully automated campaigns this course will show you how to set them up to give you the best chance of success (and that's not necessarily the way Google tells you to!)

Masterclass Recording: Designing Your Customer Value Journey
(worth £47)
Understand how your customers interact with your business, and how to engage them at each stage to maximise your sales.  Includes pdf downloads to help you design the best Customer Value Journey for your business.

What's more, you can buy the course today with complete peace of mind:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with your course purchase just reach out to me within 30 days and I'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

To recap, here's what's included:

  • Google Shopping Quick Start Course
  • 2+ hours of step by step, easy to follow video tutorials
  • Private Facebook Support Group (£197/month value)
  • The Complete Guide to Performance Max course (£96 value)
  • Customer Value Journey Masterclass recording (£47 value)

The GA4 Setup Guide for Shopify
Get your GA4 tracking set up on your Shopify store - video and pdf step by step guides

Course Pricing

  • Payment Plan
  • 2 payments of


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Here's What's In Your Course:

Why Listen To Me?

  • I've been running Google Ads since 2006 and learned with my own money
  • I've managed £000k's of Shopping Campaigns for clients
  • Shopping campaigns I run for clients get 6X and 7X returns, sometimes more!
  • I'm passionate about helping small independent retailers unlock the power of Google Shopping
  • I just love Google Shopping because when it's done right it's amazing!