Google Shopping Demystified

Understand The Complexities Of Google Shopping
& Gain The Confidence To Get Started

Google Shopping Demystified

This course will help you if...

You Don't Get How It All Works

Merchant Centre accounts, data feeds, product groups, feed attributes, conversion tracking - what does it all mean??

You Don't Know Where To Start

You keep being told you should be doing Google Shopping but every time you look at it you want to lie down in a darkened room.

You're Not Sure If It's Right For You

You've tried it and it didn't work.  Or you've heard of people who spent a fortune and didn't get anything from it.

...because it will answer all those questions (and more!)

Here's What We'll Cover

Day 1 - What is Google Shopping & Is It Right For You?

We'll look at exactly what Google Shopping is and where your ads can show.  We'll also talk about how to know if it's a good fit for the types of products you sell, with a quick quiz to asses how likely it is to work for you.

Day 2 - How does Google Shopping Work?

Looking at the mechanics of Google Shopping and how the various elements fit together.  Once you understand how each part fits into the big picture it'll seem much less daunting.  I want to take the mystery out of it!

Day 3 - Keywords & Google Shopping

There are no keywords in a Google Shopping campaign so how do you tell Google what searches you want show up for?  It's all about product data and I'll show you what you need to do (and where)

Day 4 - Avoiding Disapprovals & Suspensions

Google have very stringent rules about what needs to be in place on you website before they'll approve you to run Google Shopping.  You'll get a full checklist of what you need to put in place to avoid having your account suspended or products disapproved.

Day 5 - How Will I Know If It's Working?

You shouldn't spend a single penny on ads unless you know you can track how it's working.  I'll show you what numbers you need to monitor and how to know whether or not it's profitable once you start running ads.

"I really loved the Google shopping bootcamp. In a matter of a 5 days I've gone from a Google Shopping novice to one of those "in the know". I thought the Q&A sessions were fantastic (even though I had to catch up with the later ones in the week) and thought the pacing was excellent for getting me motivated to sit down, do the work, and I definitely feel the benefit!"

Laura McKenzie
Cloudy Day Digital

 "I was surprised at how in depth the content was for a free bootcamp.  I certainly have a much better understanding of Google Shopping and how I can use it to help my clients.

Sophie Bolton
Halo Social

 "Thank you Sara for a very informative bootcamp. The live Q&As were so helpful in answering any questions I had with the content.  I definitely feel more confident about getting started with Google Shopping now!" 

Laura Ball
Bikeshop Owner

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