How To Set Up Merchant Center Feed Rules

Did you know you can edit the product data in your feed without having to update your website using feed rules? This video shows you how...

Google Merchant Center Feed Rules allow you to dynamically update the attributes in your shopping feed based on the criteria you enter. In the past this was only possible using enterprise tools and feed management platform software, so this has made this option much more accessible for all ecommerce merchants.

In this video I walk you through creating an example feed rule and show you what options you have for creating more.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Setting up a simple feed rule
03:17 Testing your feed rule
05:51 Options available in feed rules
06:06 Feed rule conditions
08:09 'Set To' feed rule
09:22 'Extract' feed rule
11:45 'Take Latest' feed rule
12:12 Where to find help

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